Maxsun Deals of the Summer !!! Outdoor Furniture 2016

intro_pic The summer is in full swing! If you run a restaurant, you are looking for ways to enhance your restaurant for summertime patrons. During the summer, outdoor dining can increase seating capacities and provide your patrons with a great open air dining experience. We have a great selection of outdoor chairs and tables to help revamp your outdoor dining atmosphere. Here are some of our top sellers:  
Rattan Aluminum Chairs:
Rattan-Aluminum-Beach1.1 Rattan Aluminum chairs are a combination of strength and comfort. The rattan weaving of the chair is waterproof without sacrificing comfort and durability. Aluminum is a lightweight, weather-proof metal that provides a durable yet light structure for the chair. Easy to clean and carry, this natural appearance chair is a style and design to last for years to come. For More Info on our Rattan Aluminum Chairs, please click below. Aluminum Rattan Dining Chair Aluminum Rattan Barstool Aluminum Rattan Arm Chair Aluminum Rattan Backed Barstool  
Foldable Metal Chairs and Tables:
Foldable-ChairTables-sidewalk The Foldable Metal Chairs and Tables come in various colors, styles and dimensions but, what remains the same is the quality design and workmanship of each furniture piece. Every Foldable Metal Chair and Table is made with a stainless steel frame that is coated in powder paint that weatherproofs the piece. Each chair and table are light enough that anyone can lift them and set them up for dining with ease. The tables in various colors come in square or circular designs. The wood-slatted tables come only in circular form but come coated to prevent wood damage and come in natural and dark walnut designs. The chairs come in matching designs to their respective tables, and can be purchased in a set or separately. For More Info on Foldable Metal Chairs and Tables, please click below. Foldable Metal Tables (Various Colors) Foldable Wood-Slatted Metal Tables Foldable Metal Chairs (Various Colors) Foldable Wood-Slatted Metal Chairs  
Aluminum Wood-Slatted Tables:
Aluminum-Table2   These are the Wood-slatted aluminum tables and chairs made with . They are made similar to the wood-slatted foldable tables and chair above, but are far more stable and supportive and customizable. These come in various sizes, wood finishes and table bases that can be catered to your needs. The wooded-slats come in dark-walnut and natural color, the table bases come in T-style or X-style bases for the tables and the table width and length can be everything from a 24” circular table to a 24” by 48”. These Tables are suitable for up to 4-6 patrons and our chairs can be customized to your specifications. For More Info on our Aluminum Wood-Slatted Tables, please click here. For More Info on our Aluminum Wood-Slatted Chairs, please click here.
Resin Chairs:
resin-chair-rainbow Resin Chairs are underrated in what a great value they are. The Maxsun chairs are made of polypropylene resin that is lightweight, weather-proof durably-designed and designed to fit the contours of the human body for greater ease for your patrons. Some may not give resin chairs a fair chance as most high-end establishments want to veer away from a an overly colorful look. But, with the weather-proof, lightweight, contour seating, and low maintenance of a resin chair, all other types of restaurants would be shrewd in having them for their universal appeal. For More Info on our Resin Chairs, please click below. Resin Chair w/ Triangle Pattern Resin Chair w/ Standard Pattern Resin Chair w/ Tube Pattern   outdoor2 These are a small sample size of the chairs and tables we have at Maxsun Furnishings. If you have any inquiries about any chairs, please email us at Have a great summer, from your friends here at Maxsun Furnishings! outdoor3