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Live Edge Wood Slabs are a beautiful and great way to add a more natural and original design to any environment. They make a statement and serve a variety of purposes including table tops, bar counters, benches, conference tables and dining tables. Each slab varies in color, character and wood grain. This means no two slabs are the same, making each slab one of a kind .

With a Live Edge Wood Slab, you can expect that the live edge design, it’s one of a kind nature and captivating shapes and textures will impress guests and frequent users alike.

Slabs are wood in its rawest form. With that raw form comes a uniqueness and beauty that other choices cannot match. Combined with a strong base the slab provides a great surface for meals, seating and meetings. The strength of wood slabs show the quality of a material that will last for years to come.
Each slab is unique and filled with character. Slabs most often contain wood defects such as checks, knots, and holes that contribute to the unique look in each slab. When treated skillfully, these flaws do not pose a problem but add to the overall beauty. The staff at Maxsun strive to find a great slab for your furnishing needs.
Slabs are usually custom ordered as the sizes are typically determined by what is available from mills. You usually first decide what the intended use is and then choose the type of wood species. For example, if what you are looking for is a large communal table you would want a slab approximately 30-36” in width and 72-96” in length, and perhaps you prefer the look of walnut. We would then search through our resources and see what fits your request. Typically the wider and larger the slabs are, the bigger, older and rarer the tree was – and thus more highly priced. The staff at Maxsun furnishings will help you choose the best wood type to meet your preferences.
Tree Species for Wood Slabs:
We work with a myriad of sources for our slabs to best suit your needs and specifications. Here are some species of trees native to North America and what the slabs look like before and after finishing.
There are over 600 different species of trees of the oak family which makes oak one of the most prolific, cost effective yet durable types of wood. The most common species of oak is the red oak which is light brown in color with a shade of red in hue. Oaks are straight grained which makes it easy to cut along as well as being easy to glue, stain, and finish.This is a universally favored type of wood that can work well for any purpose
Pine is the most abundant type of wood in North America which possesses a grain structure that is straight grained and shows growth rings in dark bands throughout the wood. The color of pine ranges from pale yellow to light reddish brown. Despite the pliability of pinewood, it is remarkably stable and resists general seasonal movement. Pine Wood Slabs can add a great deal of character and texture for any table, bench or counter-top.
Beech is a type of wood that most woodworkers don’t appreciate, in spite of its strength and hardness while maintaining a great value. The color of beech wood is pale cream with a hint of pink or brown hue. The wood-grain of beech is straight grain with fine to medium texture and some medium sheen. Its utility, affordability and soft hue make it a prime choice for a wood slab for furnishings like tables and benches.
Maple is a prime choice of wood for woodworkers and craftsman alike. The color of maple is a pale cream color but darkens when exposed to light, which can turn into a reddish brown with light exposure. The grain texture of maple is fine, even and straight but can be very wavy depending on a variety of factors. Maple can be a great choice as a slab as it adds a rich texture compared to more domestic wood types.
Cherry is a well-rounded tree species in that it is more workable than maple and oak, and show more vibrant colors and grain patterns than most domestic species. Black Cherry, the most common in North America has a pale pinkish yellow hue once cut, but the color changes rapidly into a reddish brown once exposed to sunlight. The grain for black cherry is normally straight and easy to work although there are figured pieces with grain patterns on occasion.The color, variety and texture of Cherry wood can make it exceptional for a table as you can see above.
The characteristics of walnut are its rich color but doesn’t provide much wood, making it rarer and more expensive. The most common species is black walnut which colors run from dark tan to deep chocolate brown and sometimes possesses purple and greenish hues. The grain texture for Black walnut is straight grained and can be irregular with a medium texture and moderate luster. Walnut is the darkest texture of domestic trees and its rich dark color helps it stand out significantly.
Concluded Projects: Ketch Brew House
The wood slab tables at The Ketch Brew House (located in the Financial District in New York City) were provided by Maxsun Furnishings. They were milled and flattened at our warehouse. The request was for several Beech wood tables with the dimensions of 20” and 72” inches. The results are shown above.
In conclusion, a wood slab is a great piece to have at your home, office or restaurant. It comes in various types of woods and textures and adds a rustic yet modern style that will impress users and guests alike. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. Our phone number is 718-418-6800 or email us at

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