Layout II

Layout: Booths and Banquettes Shapes & Sizes Booths or Banquettes? The most typical configurations are booths, comprising of singles and doubles placed back to back creating a train, or banquettes, a long built in seating that wraps along one or more walls. However many restaurants and bars utilize both configurations to create a unique space.
Booth Banquette
✓ Great for privacy and intimate setting ✓ Maximize seating capacity
✓ Defined space and comfortable ✓ Defined space and comfortable
✓ Usually set up for parties of 2, 4 or 6 ✓ Flexible – tables can be put together to accommodate different sized parties
✗ Rigid, difficult to adjust for different party sizes
Other Configurations

L   The “L” – Simple wrap around banquette. Can be done standard or radius.

U   “U” shape. Can be done in square or radius styles.

3quarter_round   ¾ Corner Full Round – Full radius circle booth for the corner. Must use a round table.

3quarter_square   ¾ Corner Standard – ¾ corner booth made of right angles.

custom   Custom – Most of the styles can be completely customized to fit any odd angle wall or space. Unique shapes can also be done.

See below for some sample diagrams of how the different configurations may be used together to form a defined but cohesive space. diagrams

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