Drop Leaf Tables

Drop Leaf tables are designed to create flexibility in the seating capacity in a restaurant. A table that seats 4, may open up to a table that seats 5 or 6. There are several options to consider when investing in a drop leaf table. You can find more information about seating capacity here. dropleaf_measurements Sizing matters in terms of the size of the original table and the extended table. A 30” x 30” may open to a 42” round. A 36” x 36” may open to a 51” round. Another option to consider is the mechanisms in which the drop leaf is propped up. There are two types of common mechanisms to compare. One is the spring hinge, and the other is a bolt hinge. At Maxsun we focus on the ability for the mechanism to withstand commercial grade use and so highly advise the bolt hinge, as it lasts longer and is the most durable for commercial use. The spring hinge is used in some residential grade drop leaf table tops, but is not recommended for a longer lasting table. Please note that some applications may not be suitable for the bolt system because it may get in the way of the table base (example:  24″ x 24″ – 36″R)