About Us


Our company was established in 2006, based in New York City. We have worked with restaurant owners, interior designers, and architects, to help them realize their projects and transform any space by leveraging Maxsun’s customization abilities and design solutions. 


As a top manufacturer of commercial-grade furnishings, our goal is to be your top choice in seating, tables, and custom booths for the restaurant and hospitality industries. Our focus is on product selection, quality and price. Because we stock everything ourselves, that means no out-of-stock or wait time problems for you. We carry a large range of styles to suit every restaurant décor imaginable. Whether it is traditional mahogany finish wood chairs, sleek modern bar stools, rustic wooden tables, or outdoor furniture for the patio, you will find it here.


In addition to our in-stock products, we also produce custom made furniture and provide design solution services including restaurant booths, partitions, re-upholstery, decorative panels, CNC Designs, and engraving. All custom furniture is made in the USA. Our Brooklyn facility creates a unique design and can be delivered quickly anywhere within the United States. Our custom furniture is designed to help you differentiate your space to create your desired atmosphere. We are known for high quality and excellent craftsmanship. For more information about our work, check out our portfolios.

Feel free to visit us at either of 2 convenient locations, in Manhattan and Brooklyn, to see our showroom and speak to a sales representative.


As the industry leader for commercial furniture, Maxsun Group aims for excellence and seek innovative ways for sustainability. On 2016, marking the 10th year anniversary of the company, we installed solar panels in our headquarters and workshop at Maspeth, New York.

To achieve the long term sustainability mission, all custom furniture is manufactured in the workshop with the use of renewable energy. Not only the production line remains efficient and eliminate down times during operation hours, the solar panels are able to produce enough energy to offset its electricity usage. Our company is able to conserve energy and create an impact in the environment.


We have a dedicated team of craftsmen focusing on each step of the process, to ensure that the utmost care is taken in each step of the custom design and construction. Our attention to detail in providing high-quality made to order woodwork and upholstered furniture has made us a trusted source in commercial restaurants and hospitality industries.

You are welcome to visit our workshop at any time! Contact us for an appointment.