Anatomy of a Booth

Taking the next step into booths/banquettes can be daunting when you aren’t aware of all the options available to you. In this section you will find information that will be the building blocks to your very own booth.

Standardized Sizes

Although booths can be made in any number of sizes, industry standard has come down to the following:

Standard Height


Bar Height


Design Options & Styles

Different styles can be applied to the various parts of a booth, making it highly customizable and great to achieve that unique look you strive for.Anatomy of a Booth (Components)

I – Top & Side

side_wrap side_cap  
Wrap Around (Standard)
Top & Side Cap

II – Rear Back

back_1 back_2 back_2  
Cloth Cover
Upholstered Cover
Premium Upholstered Cover

III – Base / Toe Kick

base base_leg  
Box Base

IV – Back

back_plain back_dia_tuft back_dia_tuft_b  
Plain Back (Standard)
Diamond Tufted
Diamond Tufted (Alternate)
back_bun_tuft back_chnl_horizontal back_chnl_vertical  
Bun Tufted
Horizontal Channels
Vertical Channels
back_headroll back_framed back_curved  
Curved Back
back_button back_v    
Floating Buttons
Retro V-Style

V – Seat

seat_foam seat_spring  

VI – Apron / Mid Base

apron_upholstered apron_veneer apron_none  
Upholstered (Standard)
None (Extended Seat)

VII – Material Application

app_regular1 app_railroaded2  


Preset booth styles can be found here, including some that utilize different materials. Materials will be covered in a later article.

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